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Useful Info

Recycling and general waste

The bin store is the wooden clad enclosure at the entrance and has both a general waste and recycling bin. You have two bins in your kitchen, please help the environment and use one for each type. Bottles can go in the recycling too. 

Your nearest shops

Your nearest big supermarket is a Tesco Extra in Royston about 10 minutes drive away. A little closer by is the Spar in Bassingbourn, about 5 minutes drive away. For fresh produce from a fantastic deli, plus a local farm butchers, try Burwash Manor, about 12 minutes away by car back towards Cambridge.

The Underfloor heating

The heating is all underfloor and is set to 21 Degrees. you can adjust the temperature plus or minus five degrees with the top row of lights on the thermostat. The bottom light should always be set at the bottom middle ( the clock symbol) . Underfloor heating is slow acting so be careful, if you whack it right up then go to bed, you'll wake up at three in morning roasting!


We are lucky to have high speed fibre optic broadband throughout the site. Each unit has it's own secure network for your security. The password is cloptoncourtyard - all one word, all lowercase

Dont flush wet wipes or tampons

We have a bio-digester sewerage treatment system on site with mechanical parts so please only toilet paper down the loo.

Laundry and cleaning

For your convenience, there are washing machines, a tumble dryer and cleaning equipment in the laundry room at the back of the site. you'll also find cleaning products underneath the sink in your kitchen.

How to lock the door

Your door locks by lifting the handle to a straight up position before you turn the key over. 

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